82,120 MAME Arcade Games + MORE for Windows on a 64GB USB drive NO INSTALL! From $39

For sale – this complete MAME system, built by myself, with 33,363 working MAME Games and 33,053 Samples.

Need more? Also available – Everything on here with MORE MAME games on a 128GB USB ($59)

Included with this USB is “Visual Pinball MAME”
with 1,526 tables!

Also included with this USB is the top 25 games OF ALL TIME from my SEGA USB!!

Plus! – All ZX Spectrum Games – 47,206 in all!!!


This game count is a minimum – if I can fit more MAME games on your drive, I will.

Re-live the games from your childhood from your favorite game makers in confidence.

This USB is the BIGGEST, MOST COMPLETE MAME collection I’ve ever made, and has taken the most time to put together.
It’s all there – games, artwork, backgrounds, fonts, cabinets, marquees, samples, etc. Nothing has been left out.

This is an auto-running, plug and play USB with no installation required*. Play the games directly from inside the 3.0 compatible 64GB / 128GB drive using the on screen menu, created by myself (which no-one else has). 

You can, if required, copy the entire contents elsewhere and run without the USB in place.

Options include (but aren’t limited to) any pc joystick, keyboard, mouse controls etc. The screen, sound, speed and other settings are configurable through the menu, but are optional. This is ready to go with many settings pre-set up.

Many videos are available on YouTube – search for ‘Configure Controls On MAME’ if required.Instructional videos are also on the USB.

This was built using Windows 10 and is compatible with all Windows systems, 32 and 64 bit. Simply plug into any available USB port and run. Got XP? Vista? 98? This will work.

There is no other, more complete version of this available anywhere else. This has taken years to put together. Verified and tested as working before shipping. Scanned by antivirus as clean. This drive is brand new, specifically for this purpose.

Need another system altogether? Check my other sales – I currently also have Sega, Nintendo SNES / NES / Gameboy, and Nintendo DS systems as well as a 3-in-1 USB and others.

Need this without the USB? Looking for a specific game or 5? Need a system you don’t see? Ask. I have more, some I’ve sold, others I haven’t – I’m usually working on more 🙂 I also sell a 1TB mini drive (usb powered, no plug in wall) with everything I’ve made – see my store for details.

Free shipping to all 50 US states and territories.

I also ship worldwide!

Not sure if you should buy from me? Check my feedback!

Need this for a MAC? Linux? Android? Email me and I’ll send instructions on how to make this work with your system. Any other questions? Please ask:)

* except Visual Pinball – instructions and a video are included.

Comments / emails from buyers:

-Thank you for this amazing collection – I’m playing games i’d completely forgotten about, and loving it!!!

-Awesome collection. First class.

-Unbelievable!!! There’s games on here I’ve not seen for decades – you’ve made my year

-So easy to play, this is genius. Wish I’d found this sooner!!:)

-keep up the good work, we’re very grateful. Got any more??!:)

This is a brand new USB drive, built for this purpose. The drive is tested and verified before shipping with free shipping anywhere in the states. An ultra small, low profile, high speed USB 3.0 flash drive that’s ideal for notebooks and smaller laptops. Read speeds up to 150MB/s, write up to 15X faster than a standard USB 2.0 drive.

I’ve been asked what’s the difference between my USB drives and other 2TB, 3TB, 4TB+ drives others are selling. They are Hyperspin drives, an entire system on a drive, complete with Videos, Music and more. Excellent if that’s what you’re looking for.

My drives come without any Videos, Music or other extras. Just games.

                                                  “It’s arcade classics on a thumb drive”

Ready? PLAY!
Buy Now!
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