Playstation / PSP with over 350 games: 300+GB with new front end

This is the Playstation One with PSP. Over 350 games (275 for Playstation, 97 for PSP ( I think..) ) for both these systems, over 330 GB in size.

These emulators play Playstation games and PSP games, some play both. I’ve tried to get an exact game count, I gave up, its more that 350. There are weblinks in this release to download whatever games you want if your game of choice isn’t included. There are over 2000 Playstation games alone, to download and have them here would mean it’s own 8TB+ drive or something stupid… yeah, no. That’s a lot of data.

I’m not selling this on it’s own as it doesn’t make sense to fit 300GB+ on a 1TB drive, so I’m putting it on my 2TB drive, at no extra cost. I could have put less games on there and sold it on a 256GB drive… but more is better!! 🙂 The last 6 weeks of my life have been dedicated to Playstation and PSP for this collection, and I’m giving it away with my 2TB drive. You’re welcome 😉

This comes with it’s own front end and has 3 Playstation emulators and 3 PSP emulators, suitable for any Windows setup. This took a while to build, and is probably the biggest collection of these games anywhere. I have also included instructions to make things easier 🙂 If there’s a bigger collection anywhere, let me know so I can beat it!

Want it? Get it here.


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