The 2TB Retro Games Collection – The 1TB drive with Atari and Playstation / PSP $150!

Everything on this website on a 2TB drive!
Self Powered USB 3.0 drive, works with
Windows XP through 10, 32 & 64 bit.

Total files on this drive exceed 1.71 TB.
The MAME version on this drive is 0.191.

THERE IS A dedicated front end to this drive. Click and go!

This contains every version of USB (ISO file) I’ve created,
including the Atari and Playstation / PSP games.


This drive also contains ALL
the MAME games from the 1TB Drive.

Every ISO file can be extracted to any USB to be used as a standalone drive for family and friends.

This does NOT include anything from my Pi or Hyperspin drives.

Buy Now! 


29 thoughts on “The 2TB Retro Games Collection – The 1TB drive with Atari and Playstation / PSP $150!

  1. Does the 2TB include Atari now or because Atari was added later it isn’t since you stated it includes everything that is on the 1TB. Just want clarification.


  2. Looking to buy the 2tb, does this include classic mame 4 player games like Quartet 2, Gauntlet, WrestleFest, TNMT, X-men, etc? So is there really nothing for me to download? Just plug in the 2tb and play? Also will I be able to play 4 players? Do I just hook up 4 USB joysticks to do so? Or do I have to configure something to allow me to have four players? I’m more interested in the classic mame arcade games vs consoles.

    Last question, will these games keep high scores saved?


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    1. The 2TB has everything available as of March 2017, the games list is included on the 1TB page as a download. Plug and play, yes. You will have to set up custom joysticks in the emulator, just tell it which ones to use. Simple enough. This does keep high scores as well. *UPDATE – They are now all the games that are available November 2017*


    1. This is actually several systems, I’m assuming you’re asking about MAME? If so, this isn’t like Hyperspin. They have flashy loader screens, videos etc., this is just a flat front end with all the games available to play Check YouTube for MAMEUI or watch the video I have here. If you’re looking for a hyperspin equivalent I’ve just started selling my Raspberry Pi add-on for Retropie, this doesn’t work with Windows though. All of the MAME games on this drive will work with a Hyperspin setup, if you wanted to go in that direction. Hyperspin is free to download.

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    1. I can do that. They all come to around 526GB so I’ll need to put them on a 1TB drive for you. These are all the chd files up to and including 0.191 – you will need all the corresponding zip files up until then to guarantee they all work.

      How does $100 including postage sound? If you’re interested, go to and let me know your address. I can get these away tomorrow for you.


      1. I want to fill up that hard drive, how much space does the psp and PlayStation t make up? How much to add that?


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