Retropie! Over 450,000 games!!

Looking to play Arcade, Console, Handheld and older Computer games on your TV?

The large RetroPie drive –  Over 450,000 games for 54 systems. I can’t get them all to show at the same time… Let me explain.

RetroPie hangs at a certain number of games, around 200,000+. I’m hoping later versions of the Pi are able to handle this many games, but for now it can’t. I hoped that the new 3B+ Raspberry Pi would handle it, but unfortunately it doesn’t 😦 It does however show all the games on the Windows version, which is coming soon.

So – here’s the predicament I faced. Do I split this over 2 drives, or do I throw the whole lot on a 3TB drive and give instructions? …Yeah, one MASSIVE drive works for me too 🙂

I’ve put proper instructions on the drive, but here’s the general idea. There’s a ROMS (live) folder and a NOLOAD (dead) folder. Move system folders from one to the other in Windows or an FTP client, then reboot the Raspberry Pi. RetroPie will load the games from the ROMS folder and ignore anything in the NOLOAD folder. Easy!

You can do this while the drive is plugged into your PC or share it when it’s plugged into the Pi. Instructions are on the drive, it’s fairly straight forward.

My thought is that you’re probably only looking to play 5-10 different systems and don’t care about the rest, right? Move them into the ROMS folder and ignore the rest. Delete them, whatever works for you. If you don’t delete them, no worries- they’re there for you to look at later.

You could choose to do it this way…. or…

You could do this:

All I did was move the ROM folders onto some older, unused laptop and storage drives I had lying around. These plug into the Pi using the Drive caddy pictured.
I’ve included instructions for this on the drive as well.
This way means that every game will show up when I plug in the drive and turn on the Pi 🙂

Total games count for this drive is 459,329 (my biggest drive to date)

3do (panasonic) 149
amiga 53930
amstrad cpc 15194
apple II 6462
arcade 17427
atari 2600 10903
atari 5200 1939
atari 7800 1018
atari 800 12183
atari st 38791
atari jaguar 210
atari lynx 4819
BEEB (bbc micro) (link given to install) 4544
coco (tandy) 428
coleco 1146
commodore 64 75732
daphne (shows as more, just dragons lair) 1
dragon 32 641
dreamcast 128
fba (final burn alpha) 445
fds (famicom disk system) 332
game and watch 49
gamegear (sega) 3093
gb (gameboy) 6446
gba (gameboy advance) 6684
gbc (gameboy color) 7592
intellivision 274
mastersystem (sega) 2230
megadrive (sega) 13904
msx (microsoft) 10695
n64 (nintendo) 5968
nds (nintendo) 5420
neogeo 6813
nes (nintendo) 26763
ngp (neogeo pocket) 21
ngpc (neogeo pocket color) 530
oric 1004
pc (microsoft dos) 1324
pcengine 1287
ports 28
psp (playstation portable) 567
psx (playstation 1) 1625
samcoupe 802
saturn (sega) 12
sega 32x 404
sega cd 1456
sg-1000 (sega) 230
snes (nintendo) 22777
trs-80 529
vectrex 344
wonderswan 225
wonderswancolor 356
zmachine infocom 162
zx spectrum 83294

This will ship with Arcade, FBA, NeoGeo, NGP, and NGPC in the ROMS folder (the Arcade collections). These systems total 25,236 games and can be swapped out with System folders from the NOLOAD folder (just not all at once – total games in the ROMS folder must stay below 200,000.)

As a rule of thumb, I rarely try to load more than 100,000 games up – I set my GPU to 128Mb so need the remaining memory for everything else. If you have issues, load no more than one or 2 system folders into the ROMS folder.

This sale doesn’t include the Raspberry Pi itself or a micro SD card. These are additional drives full of games and supporting files for a Retropie system.

These are all on a 3TB self-powered external 3.0 USB drive.

54 systems. Almost half a million files. This took a while, but it’s ready. You can also add your own games and systems!

The ARCADE section above actually has closer to 30,000 games on the drive. I can’t make RetroPie “see” more than shown here… Maybe you’ll be able to? I’m using lr-mame as the emulator, maybe another will give a higher games count.

Raspberry Pi’s are small Linux computers that you plug straight into your TV, add a controller and play games without Windows or other computer systems.
There are also many cases you can use for them to give your system a ‘Retro’ look.

These drives are simple plug-into-retropie-and-go using the retropie-mount method. Nothing has been pre-scraped. I have added a few screensaver videos.

Not sure about Raspberry Pi or Retropie? Check out this YouTube Video for more.
Be warned – this video has some adult language. This video is not mine.
Even if you’re well versed with Retropie, I’d advise watching this video regardless as it has a lot of good information and advice.

This was built and checked as working on a Raspberry Pi 3 B+, March/April 2018.
Other games can be added as required, but be careful as it may overload your Pi.

Plug in and play using your own or another pre-built RetroPie image. I’m currently using this image from Arcade Punks.

Ready, Player One?

Free Shipping everywhere.

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