Hyperspin on a 1TB, 2TB or 3TB Drive

Now Available!

Full size = 3TB, 39 systems, around 300,000 games on a self-powered USB 3.0 drive.

Custom drive sizes –
Up to $149 for a full 1TB drive
Up to $229 for a full 2TB drive
Up to $299 for a full 3TB drive
…all with your choice of systems.

If your choice of systems doesn’t fill the drive, a lesser amount will be quoted.

All these drives require a 100GB base pack
for the Hyperspin system to function.

All drives will have both the Daphne and OpenBOR emulators with games on them, and we can’t split system or game packs for technical / time restraint reasons.

Click HERE to get a custom drive quote

Only 297,125 games shown here – MAME has it’s own standalone on the drive, it alone has over 34,000 games – Hyperspin doesn’t show them all.
Many of these individual games are full-blown game packs of their own, with many games inside.

NOT ALL OF THESE GAMES WORK for various reasons. Some may work using different emulators than the ones I have chosen. There are many different versions of a lot of these games on the drive to help ensure that the game you want to play is available. On the occasions where you can’t find a working version of your game of choice on this drive, instructions have been provided that allow you to replace these games with fresh copies from the internet.  I haven’t tested all of these games as there are too many. 

My intention has been to collect as many games as possible for each of these systems in an effort to give the best chance of finding and playing the games you remember. I cannot guarantee that YOUR game is in this collection. Instructions have been written to help you find something you need / must have / want. No guarantees are given.

Looking for the full 3TB with Bonus Playstation 3 emulator with 3 games? Head over to ‘Buy Now’

A quick demo – I haven’t loaded any games in this video as they don’t capture to video properly.



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